Though the free trial of Voicemail Premium has ended…

…Sprint still wants to make your mobile experience better. You can use the free, ad-supported version of Voicemail by opting into the Mobile Advertising Program, ensuring you receive mobile ads that are more relevant and interesting to you.

You'll also be able to:

If you decline to opt in to Sprint's Mobile Advertising Program, you may still use the free version of Voicemail, but it will not contain the above features.


Mobile Advertising Program

Through Sprint's Mobile Advertising Program, we offer the opportunity to receive mobile ads that are tailored to your interests in place of the random ads you would otherwise receive when you use your device to go online or access apps.

Sprint will not share information that personally identifies you for mobile ads. You may change your privacy choice at any time.

By selecting "Accept" below, I am opting into the Mobile Advertising Program and agree that it is OK to use my info to receive ads that are more relevant to my finterests on my device (includes high-level location info).

Visit for more info.

Decline Accept

Features disabled

By declining, the following Voicemail features will be unavailable:

  • Listen to messages directly from your inbox with inline playback.
  • Automatically forward voicemails to your email account.